Gigs, Set Lists, and Pete's Show Notes


  • Oct. 13th at WMVY studios Martha's Vineyard Radio
  • June 9th at the Linwood
  • June 2nd at Great Scott
  • June 1st at the Midway Cafe
  • April 21st at the NEMO Music Conference
  • April 5th at the Sky Bar
  • March 30th at Good Times
  • March 24th at the Abbey Lounge
  • March 16th at the Beachcomber
  • March 15th at the MetCafe
  • February 19th at the Kendall Cafe
  • February 12th at the Middle East (upstairs)
  • January 20th at Great Scott
  • January 16th at the Sky Bar
  • January 3rd at T.T. the Bear's
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    January 3rd - TT the bear's Place with Fin de Cicle, Fly Danny Glick

    We had a good crowd for our set, lots of people from the mailing list made it out to the continue the carnage on from the Holidays. We played hard, I lost the set list, but I'm sure we played hard anyway. TT's backstage was fucking freezing without heat in January. Fly Danny Glick was cool.

    Fly Danny Glick

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    January 16th - Skybar with Carry the Zero and
    Ordinary Man

    The burnout sound guy (big hair with bangs, high tops, acid wash jeans, butt always dangling in his mouth) showed up 10 minutes before the fucking show, obviously coked up. He stumbled around the gear, ineptly trying to untangle wires and put the male end of his cords into the female ends, probably a talent he lost years ago. After the first song with no monitors and occasionally working microphones, Rich asked politely into the mic if we could actually have sound on the stage. The guy just berated us and stared wildly at the board. We played well considering he was such a fuck up. Carry the Zero was eyeing us suspiciously before the show like Crips in Blood territory, but I ended up doing tequila shots with them after we both put on solid sets, very cool guys. And the last band, "Ordinary Man" was, um.

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    January 20th - Great Scott with Lustre (now Lowstar)

    1st set: Directions, Crash Here, Alarm, Punchy, Scotch, Smother me, Suggestions, Steamroller, Morning Sun, Ooo Las Vegas, March, Ropes, Amsterdam, Say it Ain't So, Yuppies on Coke, Downunder, Mercy Mercy Me

    2nd Set: Puddle, Love Is Not Here, Leftovers, She Said She Said, Move on, Strings, No School, Same in the End, Can't Stand Losing You

    Rocked out this show like the old days, Rich played some spectacular solos, the kind that make me and the other guys look across the stage mid-song, and we brought the house down with some tight riffs. One of the best crowds we've had. Liz Benson brought some beautiful backup singing to the stage as well on Gram Parsons "Ooo Las Vegas" and Jim Jernee sat in on the Rhodes.


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    February 12th - The Middle East Upstairs with
    the Mockingbirds and Purge DI

    Set List: March, Scotch, Directions, Morning Sun, Crash Here, Steamroller, Alarm, Ropes, Downunder

    I let the bass player from The Goodbyes (who had been crashing on our couch for the past 2 months) use my guitar the day before. When I came home he was banging on it like a caveman (think Bass player trying to play guitar kind of banging) and throwing it totally out of tune. When I went on stage I broke the first string in the third song, and immediately broke another string in the next one*. Without a spare guitar I muddled through a 4-string disaster, relying on making a lot of noisy feedback and cursing into the microphone.

    I apologized to the band later because I blew it without a backup, and luckily it was pretty dead when we went on. It was so Tuesday-in-February dead that the Mockingbirds before us were having a photographer shoot their act, complete with rock star sneers, leather, cowboy hats, guitar windmills and poses for an audience of only us, the sound guy, the bartender, doorman, and two talking people from the restaurant, who were duly impressed. So I don't think they were very amused by the "fuck-this" energy of our half-ass performance, and Purge DI drilled out blazingly tight and hard hardcore as we immediately packed our shit and left in a lousy mood.

    When I got home I shook that freeloader awake from the couch, threatened to throw him out the window if he ever so much as looked at my equipment again, and tried to forget the whole damn thing.

    * If you've seen the Tom and Jerry episode with the cowboy mouse guitarist keeps plucking Tom's whiskers to replace his broken strings…well, good. That's the mental video that I watch in my head when 2 strings pop and everything wipes out of tune.

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    February 19th Kendall Café - opening for the Splendid Nobodies during their residency

    Set List: Love is, Scotch, Suggestions, I'm Glad you're Mine, Morning Sun, Ropes, Mercy Mercy Me, Ooo Las Vegas, Move On, Strings, Downunder

    One of my favorite shows. We toned down the set for a folkier venue. I played acoustic through my effects, we all quieted down and added more dynamics, and the songs came out with a more laid back, down-home feel. Liz Benson sang the Emmy Lou Harris parts for Gram Parson's "Ooo Las Vegas" again, and we added some of our hang-out-on-the-porch tunes. This was a vastly different show then our normal tactic of thrashing distortion over love and hate lyrics.

    The Splendid Nobodies were amazing as always. Crafty, stomping songs, ripping leads, and Matt Tahaney bouncing bass lines and harmonies around with a big-ass "time-of-my-life" grin on his face. Gold.

    the Splendid Nobodies - Their New Album out December 1st 2001!

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    March 15th The Met Café - with the Allstonians and the Shanty Sounds - Providence RI

    Set List: Directions, Crash Here, Alarm, Scotch, Ropes, March, Steamroller, Yuppies on Coke, Downunder

    Interesting all ages crowd, many kids had showed up for the opening ska band and stuck around for us. They were very open and seemed to genuinely like our tunes from the response. My folks from RI came out as well; Mom was wearing cotton in her ears and a concerned look, because she can't stand the loud rock. Which is why I got into this in the first place.

    So the set-list consisted of the loudest, heaviest, fastest songs we had, which was as close as our style could get to the other two ska bands on the bill, and it killed two birds with one stone. The Allstonians were great, but the local kids have an early bedtime apparently, and the bar scene died early. Which is an example of why our band moved from Providence to Boston.

    the Allstonians
    Shanty Sounds

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    March 16th The Beachcomber in Quincy - with Hypercane
    or some shit

    Set List: Smother Me, Taken In, Love is, March, Strings, Suggestions, Morning Sun, Downunder, Ropes, Punchy, Steamroller, Directions

    The South Shore crowd didn't really know what to make of us, since we weren't playing covers. They cocked their heads at us like collies, and we could almost see their brows furrowing under the heavy makeup and mullets thinking "Well, they're not playing Aerosmith, and I kind of like it. I just don't understand."

    Hypercane's lead singer, like Hypercane, was a walking 80's rocker joke, sporting a teased hairspray helmet and sparkly shirt outfit. Plus he was an arrogant dick to us at soundcheck, in the club, and even while we were playing. He seemed to be really into the rock star thing, and in fairness, there was one table of Christina Applegates dressed up for the "Boys Don't Cry" Cure Tour gawking at him which encouraged this kind of local rock star dickhead behavior. But then our buddy Chris, who had helped us with our gear that night was at the bar during our set and heard this Sammy Hagar douchebag say, verbatim: "The Pincushions are good…NOT!". Remember, this is March 2001.

    So we took our sweet ass time. We opened up the show late and played our whole extended set long. Dickless got nowhere complaining to the sound guy that we were "cutting into his band's time" at 10:30 and we got away with an extra 20 minutes.

    By the time this Danger Kitty cover band hit the stage, kicked off with "Sweet Emotion", and right into a "PUMP" album-hit, we were blatantly pointing and laughing (or at least I was). They might have heard us because someone stole our drummer Matt's favorite snare drum. Anyway, they can go fuck themselves.

    Eunuch-Music or you can try HyperCanesucksdick

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    March 24th - the Abbey Lounge - with Red Zone Cuba and Black Eggs

    Set List: Directions, Crash Here, Alarm, Scotch, Ropes, March, Steamroller, Yuppies on Coke, Downunder

    Red Zone Cuba invited us to play with them that night at their hometown Somerville haunt, and they played a really energetic set before we went on. Black eggs surprised us with some tight harmonies and Dead influenced songs.

    The best thing about playing the Abbey over other Boston clubs is that there's a curtain blocking the stage. No one sees your ass on the ground hooking up your cables and squinting at your amp. The curtain goes up and you're on. And it's a total dive bar with really cheap beer, so the crowd can tend to get fired up easily and inexpensively. Just like in the olden days.

    The drunk Abbey Lounge local guy from Schnockered kept screaming "Holy Shit! Holy Shit!!" as he watched us play, which I'm pretty sure is a very high compliment. Every other time I'm at the Abbey, the schnockered guy reserves the "Holy Shit!"s for the really raging parts of good bands' sets, and we got a bunch of "Holy Shits!" - and at different times through the songs. Now that's a cranking show.

    We enjoyed our very special night at the Abbey with Red Zone Cuba

    Red Zone Cuba

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    March 30th The Good Time Emporium - with Red Beans and Daze Hill
    Benefit Concert for Battered Women Foundation

    Set List: Steamroller Ropes, Smother Me, Directions, Crash Here, Suggestions, Strings, Scotch, Punchy, Taken In, Alarm, Morning Sun

    Good show, good food, great cause, and $5 massages for charity. We had a straight shooting sound guy, and it was a big hall so we had some nice walls of sound coming out of the cabinets for an exactly one hour, 12 song set. Red Beans had a great stage presence behind the riffs, and Daze Hill indulged in extended jamming through the end of the night. Their drummer Jima rocked twice as hard because he let us use his drums that night.

    I happened to break up with a girlfriend that afternoon, and during the show I was wishing that she had punched me in the face and given me a black eye or a fat lip when it all went down (see July 23, 2000). That would have been really, really funny to look all beat up playing a Battered Women's benefit concert.

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    April 5th The Skybar - with Count the Zero and the Halogens

    Set List: Yuppies on Coke, Crash Here, Scotch, Ropes, Alarm, Morning Sun, Steamroller, Direction, Strings

    Not to bitch, but ask most bands and they'll tell you that the Skybar is consistently a colossal headache. The sound always sucks, so bands are always forced to try and rise above it. We did our set as well as possible, Count the Zero had some improvised fun at the end of the night. The Halogens, who drove down from Vermont in the coolest fucking band van I've ever seen, had a cool Radiohead, trancy-song thing going on. We waited around with the other bands for "the call" to get paid at closing, when the bouncer told us we wouldn't be getting paid at all. Again. Savages.

    the Halogens

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    Saturday April 21st 2001 - NEMO Music Conference
    at Great Scott with Wooden, Realm, Dr. Awkward, Solpatch

    Set List: Scotch, Alarm, - (Locklit Album straight through) - Directions, Steamroller, Suggestions, Punchy and Jud, Ropes, Morning Sun. Encore: Crash Here

    This was a fun show; we played our entire CD in order, without stopping between songs. Too bad the sound was at airplane engine decibel levels due to the drunken NEMO sound guy. Whatever, it sounded awesome on stage, and people really got into it. But we could notice at times through the lights a few older people in visible, auditory pain.

    We didn't go on until after midnight, so we had to hang out relatively sober in this bar for over 6 hours before our show time. Rich was shooting me dirty looks every time I wandered in the vicinity of a bartender or waitress. The bar was literally burning holes in our eyes so to speak.

    Realm came all the way from Georgia for this show and put on a display. Those guys Reed and Chris from the rhythm section were cool camel smoking, beer drinking, good time dudes; I heard they have since started a new band called the Fantastic Busriders. Wooden rocked some upstate NY psychedelia, had a nice Rhodes sound in their tunes. Dr. Awkward and Solpatch played killer sets as well.

    Dr. Awkward

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    June 1st - the Midway Café with upRise - Jamaica Plain, MA

    The Midway is a little, woody, local bar with a giant beer mirror across from the stage in JP. We opened up for upRise, and brought more of the Rock than usual into the place, I think they're more accustomed to bringing the funk. It was good that UpRise brought all the funk.

    We did play a good, solid hour set, and it was mostly well received. The only bummer was that on occasion I'd think I'd hear hoots and hollers from the crowd, and I'd think "Yeah, that WAS a cool part!" but it turned out to be a couple guys watching the fucking Lakers in the NBA finals.


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    June 2nd at Great Scott with Lowstar

    We played the shit out of tonight. Although there were a couple wacky parts in the final songs after the dollar beers, by the 1:30 in the morning we were at full throttle and screaming together. We added "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" theme song, and played only the best songs from the past 2 years (uh, I lost the set list). Lowstar played the best I had ever seen them play, very tight songs and changes.

    Great vibes that night. It also marked the last show I had to use the fucking PT Cruiser that we'd occasionally borrow for a car to haul my gear. We'd be screaming rock songs about yuppies on cocaine and suburban futures in Hell, and packing up hoping that no one would see us loading amplifiers into this clown car's hatch-top that was covered in corporate logos and slogans. Every show I'd feel dirty.


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    June 9th at the Linwood with Stone Soup and Punchy -
    Boston, MA

    This was going to be the last show for a while with our drummer Matt (The Gov'Nor) Fauller, so we put together a nice, compact 40-minute set of the standards. We had decided to take the summer off and just write and record, so the show had a relaxed, "summer vacation is here" kind of feel.

    Stone Soup rocked out some of their jam favorites and Punchy closed with some Beach Boys-in-the-country pop rock. We actually have a song called Punchy, so it's a coincidence that I have to say their band's name a lot. They were finishing up a 30-gig tour from Austin Texas, and headlining tonight.

    I was thinking that for a good band like them on the road, that it must have been pretty tough night. Drive all the way to Boston, find out that here, "headlining" means you go on at 12:40 and play for the leftover rabble of drunks. And then you don't get paid jack. You can only drive on to the next venue. I'd like to think that same situation in Texas would involve gunfire.

    Stone Soup

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    October 13th - Radio Interview with WMVY DJ Allison Hammond

    In-studio performances of Suggestions, Steamroller, and Betrayed
    Martha's Vineyard, MA

    Rod, Alison's husband and the sound engineer, picked us up Spinal Tap style from the boat docks. We found him holding a wooden board with the word "Pincushions". He recognized us as the only guys on the boat with instruments. We jumped in his truck and brought us out to their artist's dream Vineyard place in West Tisbury.

    We laid down live radio recordings of Steamroller, Betrayed, and Suggestions semi-acoustically in their barn/studio and cooked up some great bbq with Alison and Rod. MVY is a great radio station to check out- 92.7 WMVY Martha's Vineyard Radio.

    WMVY Martha's Vineyard Radio



    Here's a brief listing of 2002 gigs if you're interested in here

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